Kevin Durant humilie violemment Evan Fournier en plein match !

In a sensational match between the Knicks and the Nets, Kevin Durant again crossed paths with Evan Fournier, who was not really friends with him. We had confirmation of that last quarter, a moment that KD chose to disrespect the French after a basket. violent.

Starting at 7pm on Sunday for us in France, the Knicks and Nets decided to put in a huge fight on the side of the Barclays Center. Great match with suspense in it Kevin Durant He didn’t decide to be too cute. In the absence of Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons, the wing was on fire completely, with a fresh performance of over 50 points.

Kevin Durant is ruthless with Evan Fournier!

Fournier tried to hit it back with 25 units, but it was tough to compete against Durantola on a basketball court. We can see him during a funny sequence in the last quarter, where KD decided to cite the Frenchman after a basket in 1vs1. Evan can’t do anything.

It’s hard to tell exactly what Durant says in this sequence, even if some introduce the word “too young” in French. Unable to confirm this version. What is certain, however, is that the Nets player does not praise Fournier. Another sign of tensions between the two men, who actually have a responsibility.

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For a better understanding, we should go back to last year’s playoffs, between the Celtics and the Nets. Fournier and Durant experienced their first collision during a slight motion, which partly explains this scene on Sunday. There is no doubt that there will still be revenge for all this:

Evan Fournier vs. Kevin Durant: A new episode, and it ends badly for the Frenchman. Tensions are real between the two men, who both have the intention of doing so again very soon. Unfortunately, he will not be in the playoffs.


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