HSV-Präsident Marcell Jansen

The supervisory board of HSV Fußball AG has been completed once again. As expected, Lena Shroom, Dr. Thomas Vestfeld, Michael Papenfuss, and Dr. Hans Walter Peters was elected to the supervisory body. This means that all seven seats on the supervisory board are filled again. With Felix Guidhart and Michael Krall, two council members were disqualified. But the real surprise is that Marcel Janssen will not head the council in the future.

Instead, Wüstefeld became the new chair of the supervisory board – at Jansen’s suggestion. “I had already emphasized in the public meeting that HSV can only work as a team and should not become a one-man show,” said the 36-year-old.

Jansen is no longer Chairman of the HSV Supervisory Board

Wüstefeld was elected at the first meeting of the new Supervisory Board. The 52-year-old said: “Choosing my teammate is a special honor for me. I am very aware of the responsibility. As a supervisory board, it is our duty to guide HSV firmly into the future. At the end of October, Wüstefeld and CaLeJo GmbH acquired 5.11 percent of the shares of AG from Klaus-Michael Kühne (84).

“With Dr. Thomas Wüstefeld, we have served as Chairman of the Supervisory Board with excellent experience with entrepreneurship, network and heart of HSV,” said e. V. President Janssen. Vice President is still Andreas Peters. The Finance Committee consists of the President of the German Banks Association, Dr. Hans-Walter Peters, whom the chiefs persuaded on the day of the annual general meeting, and Papenfuß.


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