For Bruno Genesio (Rennes), it is sometimes necessary to know

Bruno Genesio (Reindeer coach, qualified for the Round of 16 1-0 against Lorient): “When you play at home against a team that defends at a low level, sometimes it is important to be less beautiful but solid. We managed to score, keep the score and secure qualification, that is the main thing. But we suffered too much for my taste in the last 15 minutes. Of course. There is a bit of physical and mental wear and tear.Lorian also defended well, with two very compact 4 streaks, and was thrown quickly.You had to be precise in your offensive animations and balanced in your defensive moves.

(Photos by Ramd Al-Omari) It’s his number one professional goal, he’s important, especially for a defender. This is a bonus for his persistence, I was happy for him. (on Saline’s injury) A priori is a calf muscle injury. This type of injury takes time. But Dogan (Alamdar) will be restored. This is also the reason to bring it. We will evaluate before the Monaco match. In the hierarchy, he is No. 3. And he was the owner of a surname in Turkey, even if he was very young. And when you’re good, it doesn’t matter how old you are. “

We saw a group that wanted to rebel. I found a team that demonstrated values ​​and quality.

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Christophe Pelissier (Lorient)

Christophe Pelissier (Lorient coach): “Our goal was to find a team that had values, and we lost a little bit of it. Change the system, change players… We were so high on this reindeer team, which is hard to deal with. Until the end, we could have had that equation. Again, we lacked Efficiency and technical accuracy.But out of the 4 strikers at the end of the match, there were 3 that were in National 2. Not so long ago.Our young players need to dig a little deeper.But we saw a group that wanted to rebel.I found a team that showed values ​​and quality.Rennes finally shuddered We made a good opposition.”


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