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Two classic SNES and NES games enrich the Nintendo Switch Online catalog and there’s something for everyone.

This month, Nintendo spoils its fans with three new additions to its catalog of classic games. There is no Nintendo 64 title in sight at the moment, but game lovers miscellaneous and the super variety He will be able to find a skewer of games that distinguished these consoles for their time.

Whether you are a fan a programFrom beat’em everything or even from finKnow that Nintendo has some good surprises in store for you this month.

Super Nintendo in the spotlight

Kyoto’s 16-bit console catalog does not receive one, but two games This month, add to the already busy list. Thus, it is now possible to find it Congo Tomb and others rival grass In the SNES app on your Nintendo Switch.

Congo Tomb It is a very classic platform game, but thus equally effective. Released in 1993 in Europe, you will play Congo, a monkey transformed into a human by a magical sapphire who will have to rescue his lover who has been kidnapped by a demon. With its adorable style and lively gameplay, this game will make a perfect alternative to the usual games Mario brothers.

On the other side, rival grass It offers a fighting experience not unlike other classics like Streets of Rage. In this all-out hit game, it’s up to you to protect the city from an evil gang (as often happens in this type of game). There’s nothing new under the sun, but a game like this is sure to be a huge stress reliever. In addition, it is possible to play it in cooperation for more fighting and fun.

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erecting corridors

The arcade without a pinball machine is not the same. In 1985, Nintendo decided to bring this classic to living rooms around the world with its Pinball. This game then becomes accessible to a number of families who no longer need to go to the local lanes and pay for each game.

A little extra charm, the pinball machines shown are not ordinary and decorated with two icons of Nintendo at the time: Mario and Pauline. Also in this game, Mario’s girlfriend appeared for the first time in her brown color as we know her today.

As per Nintendo’s usual trend, June should also see the arrival of a new Nintendo 64 game. pokemon snap It remains the last game that Nintendo actually made official, but it has yet to be released. after, after Mario Golf and others Kirby 64this cross from Pokemon It should land pretty soon on the Switch online service.


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