¿Qué es el remanente del Banco de México?

The Bank of Mexico (Banksico) Like any other company, it may incur gains or losses throughout the year due to its year-round operations.

However, since it is not for profit, it should prioritize its constitution when making accounts at the end of each financial year. Balance and capital If he makes a profit, the rest The restIf any, you have to pay that amount to the Central Government.

The rest is coming Positive balance of Panchiko activity And to become profitable, its size must be re-evaluated International reserves of the country It manages the central bank, and it generates depreciation of the exchange rate.

By 2020, Pancio It made a profit of 165 thousand 26 million pesos, but a year ago, in 2019, it recorded a loss of 166 thousand 501 million pesos.

So, from the 2020 profit, he first had to make up for the losses a year earlier, and he had nothing to distribute to the federal government as established in Section 55 of the Banksico Act.

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Deputy Governor of Banco, Gerardo Esquivel Today he resumed a comment he wrote on April 23, in which Banco earned 165 billion pesos as a result of the 2020 exercise, of which 74% was used to offset accumulated losses from previous years, while the rest is below the level established by shareholder status law.

For that reason, the rest are not, he said.

Eskivel went with his opinion on additional information on the costs and benefits of having international reserves for a central bank.

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“Generally, holding an international reserve does not yield net income. In fact, it usually refers to a cost because of the low yield (foreign interest rate) that must be paid by its opponent in arrears (local rate), ”he pointed out.

For all of the above, the central bank has met its needs with the outstanding amount received in 2020 and has nothing to share with the central government.

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Other analysts have pointed out that, despite a positive outcome, Banksico should do it first Compensate for losses Recover your capital.

For the rest of this year, even if the central company makes a profit, The rest again Since there are still losses from previous years, it should be delivered by 2022, and it will definitely happen.

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