A Sheffield United player is violently attacked by a fan on the field

Sheffield United captain Billy Sharp was attacked by a fan during a pitch invasion after Nottingham Forest beat Sheffield in the Premier League final on Tuesday.

It was supposed to be a big party but it was ruined by the disgusting cheese attack. A Nottingham Forest fan has attacked Sheffield United captain Billy Sharp after the return leg of the Premier League semi-final on Tuesday. He took advantage of invading the entire field of play after the team qualified for the final after penalty shootouts (1-2, 3 tab. 2) to attack the opposing player. Hence, he deliberately encountered the attacker by giving him a violent blow to the head, and violently kicking him to the ground, as shown in the pictures from Sky Sports.

Completely stunned, the 36-year-old – who did not participate in the meeting – was groomed on the floor and had to put several stitches in. Police announced that they had arrested the perpetrator, while Nottingham Forest had already promised to ban her from entering the stadium for life. Sheffield manager Paul Hickingbottom angrily said: “Billy was minding his own business and was assaulted, by surprise. He was a coward. Bailey was shaken and needed stitches. We have the pictures. We always see people talking about player safety, but nothing is done. anything about it.”

Sheffield manager anger

This new violent act spoils a magical evening for Nottingham, two-time Champions League winner (1979 and 1980) and England champion (1978), who has been dreaming of reconnecting with his glorious past since his relegation from the Premier League in 1999.

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“We see things being thrown out on the pitch to jeopardize the health and safety of the players and nothing has been done about that, Heckingbottom as well. There will be something we can do about it. We have what happened and we know what happened there will definitely be jail time, how do you come to a workplace? He cares about your own affairs and you are abused like that? He’s totally out of order and that’s all wrong. We often hear people condemn him, but nothing is done about it. We who have suffered. C “It’s annoying for so many reasons – I don’t want to I say a lot about him. It will be dealt with.”


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