“French fighters near Russia's borders”: Moscow raises its planes to accompany them

French aircraft were discovered near the border with Russia and were escorted by the Aerospace Forces. The Russian Ministry of Defense said that Russian airspace monitoring systems over the Black Sea detected three French aircraft flying towards the country’s borders. At this point – according to the Kremlin reconstruction […]

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French planes Close reservation With the Russia He was recognized and escorted Aerospace Forces. The Ministry of Defense in Moscow reported that i Control systems Russian airspace over the Black Sea detected three French aircraft flying towards the country's borders. At that point – according to the Kremlin's reconstruction – a Su-27 fighter of the Aerospace Forces appeared I accompanied the plane – airplane AWACS And two French Air Force fighters – over the Black Sea.

The Russian Ministry of Defense explained that the flight of the fighter took place according to strict conditions Compliance with international standards Use of airspace over neutral waters without crossing airline lines or getting dangerously close to the aircraft of a foreign country. “to Prevent boundary violations From the Russian Federation, a Su-27 fighter belonging to the Air Defense Forces that was in service took off.” Sergey Shoigu.

The Russian fighter crew “identified the air targets as an E-3F Air Early Warning and Control (AWACS) aircraft and two French Rafale CVKS fighters – we read again in a memo from the ministry – when the fighter approached, Foreign military aircraft they have I turned From the state border of the Russian Federation and left the airspace.”

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Archive photo of a Russian fighter


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