Reaches its highest level since March - El Financio

The peso is designed to accumulate its fifth day of rebound against the dollar as international markets strengthen and bond yields rise following the less flexible Federal Reserve news.

According to Bloomberg data, Peso down 0.75 percent to 20.54 units, Its highest level since March 30th.

The exchange rate touched a low of 20.35 units and a high of 20.62 pesos.

In the bank window, Traded at $ 21.03 per unit, according to Citipanmex.

Bloomberg Table, Which measures the strength of the Green Pack against a basket of ten coins, is up 0.53 percent to 1,139 points.

The Federal Reserve is signaling policy tightening faster than expected. Wednesday’s point suggested the plot By the end of 2023 the rate will increase by two.

Admitting with central bank chairman Jerome Powell that there is a risk that this will turn out to be higher than policymakers think, there seems to be some uncertainty as to how temporary the rise in inflation will be. On Wednesday, the central bank decided to increase its overnight reverse repurchase service and interest payments on additional reserves by 5 basis points, raising more dollars in short-term financial markets.

The central bank’s decision, slightly more aggressive than expected, has weighed on global stock markets, with Europe’s Stocks 600 index falling 10 days early this morning. The futures of the S&P 500 also point to higher losses in the open, with Asia witnessing the biggest drop in a single month.

The strength of the dollar is dropping gold again, while the Bloomberg Commodity Index is down more than 2 percent from its previous level. The 10-year treasury yield was 1.5588 per cent.

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Separately, the weekly U.S. The employment report shows the initial claims for unemployment support Increased by 52 thousand requests Compared to the previous week, it reached 412 thousand units. Meanwhile, repeated requests for support went from 3,517 to 3,518 million people.

As of June 12, four states had stopped offering additional unemployment benefits included in the latest stimulus package. In the remaining month, more than 20 states will remove this federal support, with the aim of promoting job search.


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