Here's what will change from September

With schools and offices reopening in September, it’s starting to take shape City public transport scheme. The government intends to develop a plan to get people to use it metro e bus rAny movement can do it in safety In accordance with the anti-Covid regulations.

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As explained by Corriere della Sera, the bases for buses, metros, buses and local trains are almost ready. In an interview with Minister Giovannini, it is clear how everything is ready and waiting for the approval of the Counter-Terrorism Service. The capacity of the vehicles will be 80% even in the white and yellow area, it will obviously be mandatory to wear a mask and consideration is being given to whether to introduce FFP2 compliance for all passengers, thus excluding surgeries.

The minister explained that there are no drastic changes with regard to the rules in place only, increased strictness and regulation as well as a more important offer that each region must devote to its own transportation, especially during peak hours. However, there are those who speak of a very high capacity, and in this regard, Giovannini emphasized that the difference will be made through the vaccination campaign and thus through the number of people who will be vaccinated.

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