The curious case of electric cars of European politicians, recharged … with diesel

This time a picture is really worth a thousand words. While the European decision An effective ban on the sale of thermal cars in 2035From France comes one A photograph intended to be discussed. The image was taken in Leon between 9 and 10 February by the local newspaper Le Progresskisa: In those days, there was a crest in between foreign ministers And the health from various member statesEuropean Union.

Among the topics covered was also a topic electric mobilityWhat is the best fit then? Promotion of battery powered cars If not used to reach the summit site? It is a pity that the political trick – the French presidency of the European Union requires participants to use only electric cars on various trips – has become Comedy media media. Indeed, thanksNot enough charging stations It is located near the county building, where the meeting took place, and is traditional Diesel generators

The story makes you smile but also makes you think: far from the ineptitude (and how little cunning?) displayed by the institutions themselves on this occasion, the photographic shot seems to be the perfect synthesis of what many observers decry. And this is that The electric car makes real environmental sense Exclusively If it is produced and powered by energy from renewable sources. Not to mention that its prevalence depends onAdequate charging infrastructureIt is clearly lacking in this specific case.

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No doubt the fact that some European politicians have been ‘pressured’ into recharging their electric cars by burning devilish diesel Bad commercial for the electric car Itself. but also reality bath For those who think that Decarbonization of mobility It passes only and exclusively through battery-powered cars.

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