“Sanctions against Iran 50 years ago” – Corriere.it

• Russian Raids and Ukrainian Diversions: Tactics for Offensive.
• Prigozhin: “Let us now leave Bakhmut to attack to the west.”
• Lukashenko: «From Moscow’s nuclear weapons to those who join the Belarusian Russian Federation».

11.34pm – Zelensky’s bill: “Sanctions against Iran for 50 years.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has introduced a bill that would impose 50-year sanctions on Russia’s ally Iran, Zelensky’s cabinet chief Andriy Yermak said in response to what Kiev describes as arms supplies to Tehran in Moscow. Kiev and its allies say Iran has supplied Russia with weapons, including hundreds of drones, since Moscow invaded Ukraine last year. Tehran rejects these allegations. If approved by the Ukrainian Parliament, the bill would prevent the passage of Iranian goods through Ukraine and the use of its airspace, as well as impose trade, financial and technology sanctions against Iran and its citizens.

19:49 – Libra: 54 drone attacks on Kiev during the night

During tonight’s attack, «the strongest blow was directed at the Kiev region: 36 drones were shot down in the city and the region. This is how Russia celebrates the Day of Ancient Kiev … Throughout its history, Kiev has witnessed many atrocities of the conquerors. She outlived them all, and she will outlive them all. None of them will be here! This was stated by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in his evening address.

Today, our country was subjected to one of the largest Russian attacks launched by Shahid: 54 drones at the same time. Almost all of them were shot down… almost! … Unfortunately, there were successes in Zhytomyr Oblast, Zelensky stressed, explaining that “however, most of the destruction was avoided, and most of the lives that could have been taken from these witnesses were saved. Thank you to everyone who made this possible!” For aircraft, air force aviation, air defense for the ground forces, and our mobile fire groups ».

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