They tied it up with scotch, shocking video - Libero Quotidiano

horrifying photos. In all senses. The photos are at high altitudes, as they come from a departing plane From Philadelphia to MiamiObviously, we’re in the United States.

On board is a 22-year-old boy from Ohio, completely out of control, as seen in the video. She screams, swears, yeah shaking. But that’s not all: the young man also harassed the flight attendants and flight attendants. First, touch the girl’s backHe sits down and is touched again by the glass.

So the psycho goes into the bathroom and He goes out without a shirt, then touched the chest of another flight attendant. At that moment Stewart stepped in to try to contain him. a result? As seen in the video, Stewart gets very violent punch in the face. At this point, there is only one solution: immobilize the boy, and tie him to the seat with several rolls of masking tape.

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