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Number 2 would be Li Qiang: In Shanghai, he dealt with the epidemic in a disastrous way. Surprise: The Chairman of the Beijing Party who ran the Winter Olympics

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Beijing – the podium with the red carpet, Parade behind Xi Jinping In the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the Beijing People. I have been re-elected Secretary-General and we will work hard, He said something was brought to China And its permanent political bureau for the world. Four of the six men selected by Xi Terzo are newHe is united by gratitude to the Supreme Leader, who at the age of 69 and at the height of his power did not indicate a possible successor. Their position in the party and state hierarchy was determined by the running order behind Xi. The Chinese are obsessed with choreography and love.

The most important date

Number 2, who is usually the prime minister and runs the economy. comrade Li Qiang, 63 years old, the party leader in Shanghai. Apparently he burned his cards last spring, when he starred in a A catastrophic failure to manage Covid-19. With the number of infections soaring alarmingly (by Chinese standards of zero tolerance) he insisted on ensuring Shanghai never stopped; Then he decided on a smart, gradual and rapid, three-day shutdown for each half of the city. Finally, complete paralysis, with the coronavirus spiraling out of control, frustration then anger, and scenes of clashes with guards sending cages to the doors of buildings. For more than two months, Shanghai has been in lockdown mode, more than twenty million people confined to their homes with supplies scarce, quarantine centers complete and disorganized, and economic activities at a standstill.

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The end of the legend of merit

The inflexible recipe for the impossible Zero Covid that Xi wanted, and which is directed by Li Qiang, has had a disastrous result for China’s image. His appointment puts an end to the myth of technocratic merit between party and state, international political scientists and economists note. The real advantage of Li who obviously always says sa Xi. Prime Minister Li Qiang (we’ll only know this in March but it seems certain) reiterates that with Xi Jinping China focuses on security (of the party above all), and puts it before the economy. The line that will have an impact on the globalized world, reducing growth prospects.

The device that cleanses ranks

Veteran in the Politburo No. 3 Zhao LijiThe 65-year-old was promoted after leading the Party Discipline Committee, the organ that purges the ranks of the communist bureaucracy of the most visible cases of corruption. Leave Anti-Corruption: Five years of that work with the machete frame is clearly deserving of the reward. It was part of the Politburo’s past too No. 4 Wang Huning, 67, academic and former political scientist. The party theorist, the sloganeer behind the Marxist-Leninist turn.
No. 5 Cai QiThe 66-year-old is a brilliant party leader in Beijing. The only surprise among the seven greats. He served in the province for twenty years under Xi. When he was the mayor of Hangzhou, he used Weibo to get an idea of ​​people’s moods. In 2011, he said he was sorry that Facebook was blocked in China. When he was called to Beijing, he gave up on social media. He handled it well Winter Olympics in Beijinganyway I closed it in a bubble that put the party down.
number 6
Deng Xuexiang(60 years old), Xi’s chief of staff, always travels with him and helps him in the party’s technical management.
number 7
me shi, 66 years old, from Guangdong, the industrial province with distinction in China. He goes to the Anti-Corruption Handbook.

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unique showman

Turn off the lights on the grand stage of the Twentieth Communist Congress, and complete Dramatic scene of the forcible removal of old former leader Hu Jintao from the classroom, For five years, the stage will be occupied only by showman Xi. Yesterday he emphasized once again that China cannot develop without the world and that the world needs China as well. But he wants to dictate the rules of coexistence. First congratulations from Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

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