Motorcyclists: After the ellipses comes a new trick to avoid accidents |  It works great, it slows everyone down

Driving carefully, especially nowadays, means not only conscientiously and punctually respecting the rules of the traffic law, but also providing the best conditions to be able to travel on the road safely.

Always by your side Legislation body which sets the rules and prohibitions, Restrictions And Commitments Along with rights of way and priorities – accompanying all of this Fines And Penalties – There is a necessity disclosure Information.

Famous campaigns consciousnessThose are just Information Or even simple but necessary and indispensable existence Road signs They are essential for everyone's safety.

Therefore new signs are always being designed and placed on the street to ensure that all their users, adequately informed, can afford all Warnings And the Precautions necessary. And not only.

Presence of signage and Banners The road in general also represents Main Warning regarding consequences Which may arise from non-compliance with rules: Not just sanctions, you know.

Motorcycle safety, that's the winning idea

Often times, it goes really far Of safety Of people, even the most important events tragic. Information solutions have been studied for some time, especially for those, e.g centaur, In some ways they are considered more vulnerable. the motorcycle, Half is great, but sometimes they have to face challenges Road conditions truly complicated This means greater risks for me Motorcyclists. That's why the new ones arrive directione very precise.

After the famous ones Delete Which, located on the ground, helps motorcyclists enter maneuver, Now comes another solution that seems to work very well, almost automatically slowing down all centaurs Proximity Follower Signboard.

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Riding a motorcycle, signs help you

It's an idea they had in mind Scotland, Where is A? Horizontal marks Which aims to protect Motorcyclists. Following the idea of ​​ellipses and arrows, which already exists in different regions of Europe, they are experimenting in Scotland Lines Conservatively priced and in good condition treatment Out of the way before from U.S curve.

They are rebttes Reversed Which determines the extension of the road inside that motorcycle driver need to Pass through Phase curve, In order to provide security in Maneuver And in follow up a path More convenient. In practice, those riding a motorcycle who cross within the lines find themselves crossing another lane external, Thus risking approaching the central strip of the road with body parts visible, for example Thus, risking accidents.


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