Siesta: His album

After the undeniable success of his latest album titled “Hands made of gold Published in April 2021 and crowned with platinum, naps do not intend to stop. A few weeks ago, the rapper from Marseille hit the internet by revealing the cover as well as the playlist for his eighth project, titled “The best life’. After making his fans wait for several weeks, he just launched the aforementioned project. And we can say that the rapper did a good job.

“Best Life”: a compendium of good titles

On the rap chessboard, many French people consider Naps as a reference. At the end of the year, the Marseille native was determined to celebrate the history of rap in Paris a little more. To that end, he just made his fans happy by releasing his eighth album called “The best life.” Long Day 20 tracks, This new project saw the participation of top-notch rappers like joulesAnd SCAnd Calif HardcoreAnd WejdenAnd ivory Or the legend of rap James. The project «Best Life» Part of the song’s continuity kiffance” , that’s by saying Enjoy the present moment, live it fully, enjoy the one you love and see only the bright side of things.

Remember that on September 29, Naps shared a clip from the single named after the project in collaboration with a translator “to give everything”. A very beautiful scene in which we can see the two rappers enjoying life together between giant feasts, luxury cars, champagne, yachts and private jets. The video currently contains more than 4 million views on youtube.

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Hopefully this new opus will win more testimonials than the previous Naps project. We’ll meet in a few days to analyze the first sales figures of “best life’. In the meantime, you can listen to the album by clicking below:


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