Brigitte Macron on TF1: An inappropriate joke that could upset Emmanuel Macron

On the occasion of her appearance in the cult show “Les 12 Coups de Midi” on TF1 channel Brigitte Macron gave up and was in a funny mood. We tell you more.

Usually somewhat secretive about her life as a married couple, Brigitte Macron left during her time on the show 12 noon shots, broadcast on TF1. The First Lady was the guest star along with other dignitaries to establish the Yellow Pieces.

Wrong joke?

To answer Jean-Luc Richmann’s questions, Brigitte Macron was in a duet with Didier Deschamps. The duo that succeeded because they seemed so complicit. Moreover, the host did not hesitate to tease them by telling them that they look like a couple. Something Brigitte Macron replied: “In January we are a couple! (…) we agree on everything. It goes well, we always agree. It’s so good, we only see each other for a month a year! We are happy to meet every year And we feel sad when we part.”

A humorous statement that may not satisfy Emmanuel Macron. But don’t worry, it seems Brigitte Macron takes great care of her husband. She also captivated her life as a married couple and cheated on her to prevent her husband from gaining weight: “I cook for the chief in the evening. To keep himself in shape! What does he prefer? So, in the evening really, a little omelette of bacon with french fries and salad, and he is very happy.” The intimate confidence that made the audience laugh a lot. And yes, Emmanuel Macron like everyone else, loves omelettes.

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