Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence Will they save the world?

Any resemblance to reality is not accidental. ‘s story Do not search for: cosmic denial It’s not true, but it could be if we believe Adam McKay, not a pessimist but a far-sighted filmmaker, the best watcher of what is destroying America. financiers in The Big Short: Stealing the Century (2015), on the subprime mortgage crisis, politicians’ reckoning in vice (2018), a stinging photo of Dick Cheney, who was Vice President of George W. Bush.

in a Do not search for: cosmic denial, the bad guys (or idiots, the same thing) are Meryl Streep and Mark Rylance. Meryl Streep, the political side: It’s Janie Orlean, the super-thin President of the United States, all at the same time dumb, inconsistent, and dangerous. Female Donald Trump, even under his hat. Just as the former Republican president brought his daughter Ivanka Trump back to the White House, she was surrounded by her idiot son, played by Jonah Hill. Cartoon of Trump Jr.

The ghost of the late Steve Jobs

The other villain in the story, Peter Isherwell (Mark Rylance), is the master of the technological world, powerful and totalitarian. Its algorithms know everything about you. He intends to own everything and everyone, even our minds. He prepares presentations of his products during major media presentations. Did you know this man? It’s Steve Jobs, the former president of Apple. Mark Rylance doubles it down in an annoying imitation, until it takes on a sound that looks like him.

in a do not search, Rylance expands on what Jobs’ dream was: to create a world beyond his limits. There is just something about the personality of Elon Musk, founder and CEO of the private space flight company SpaceX, of which Jobs was one of the heroes.

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Parodies are fierce and these psychopaths are annoying. With them, we go straight to the wall, says Adam McKay, who paints a scathing picture of reckless America. Media and social networks are not immune to stagnation. Satire and sentimental, Cate Blanchett, at the helm of a major news show, epitomizes a wonderful society watching the world crumble, congratulating herself that the worst makes the audience climb. Ariana Grande is an influential oyster IQ figure.

What about the good guys? Played by Jennifer Lawrence and Leonardo DiCaprio, two astronomers who warn that a deadly comet for a planet will strike Earth are on the verge of a nervous breakdown and turn to sucking on tons of anxiolytics. In this America where power is in the hands of ignorant and narcissistic people, superficial codes, integrity and intelligence lead to exhaustion and urination.

we will understand, do not search It is a disastrous movie in the form of a desperate farce. Everything seems right, everything is so well seen, so well shown, that we laugh at it, yes but it is dark. It’s as twisting as it is creepy. And full of irony – Leonardo DiCaprio loses his fake glasses. Adam McKay establishes himself as the only director in Hollywood who can make political movies that are as funny as they are profound


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