Shevchenko (Ukraine) after his victory over Sweden in the Euro:

Ukraine coach Andriy Shevchenko after qualifying for the quarter-finals against Sweden (2-1): «Artem (Bessie El Din, had a very dangerous interference from Danielson during overtime) Exams will be conducted with our doctors. It’s a serious injury. We are very worried about him and hope that the ligaments will not be affected by him. There are many players who are stunned or injured at the end of the game (Krafth, Berg, Besedin, Ermolenko, Krvetsov, Bezos …) Because no one wanted to give up, everyone wanted to qualify.

“The bench may be three times of the Ukrainian national team”

Andrey Shevchenko, for England

We will try to recover well. We arrived by plane in Rome (Ukraine will face England in the quarter-finals, Saturday) Tomorrow around 4pm and we’ll be training there. England is a very well organized team. She has her own style. We will have to figure out how to defend well on both sides and in the region. I watched almost every England game, except today of course (Winning Germany 2-0)Since we were preparing for our game. It’s really hard to score against England, they are well organised. Their seat is likely to be three times that of the Ukraine national team. But we are developing a strategy. everything is possible. “

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Ukraine defender Oleksandr Zinchenko: “I want to dedicate this victory to Artem (Bessi El Din, knee injury by Danielson, 98th place). It’s really hard for him because he’s already been through hard times (Suspend for one year due to doping in 2020). You played as a left-hander today but no matter what position you are in, you have to know how to help your team no matter where the coach lines you up. I always do my best and even what is impossible when I am on the field.

“I’ve made it clear to our critics, even if the majority supports us, that we need them to support us.”

As for my festive (He ran with his index finger to his mouth, as if to make his critics, after opening the score with a shot from the left, No. 27)Because we received a lot of criticism after our first three matches. It was clear that some were due. But I wanted to show these people that we have to keep calm. We are working hard and we have accomplished our mission and made history by qualifying for the quarter-finals. I made it clear to our critics, even if the majority supported us, that we need them to support us. “


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