Broncos - Leaders (24-28): Abused Kansas City emerges late for game

Denver Broncos (7-9) – Kansas City Leaders (11-5): 24-28

Chiefs have come a long way. Having led almost the entire match, they are indebted to their rescue for a fantastic defensive move in the 4th quarter, which allowed them to regain control of the crowd that seemed to be escaping from them. Andy Reid’s men have changed the game in the Francos race, despite the fact that the opponent struggled against the field game.

Denver conceded their 13th straight defeat to Missouri, and finished the fifth season with a negative record. For what might be the last game of Vic Fangio’s leadership, the Broncos certainly deserve another turn. Used on both sides of the ball, the game plan used embarrassed their opponents a lot, but they gave up when they got the final advantage.

True Lock in Lex

Despite Travis Gells’ early touchdown, well found by Patrick Mahomes (27/44, 270 yards, 2 touchdowns), the Broncos got their hands on the start of the game. Thanks to the diligent defensive and well-established running game, Fangio’s men caused a lot of problems for their opponents on both sides of the ball. Only 27 yards out in the first half, having failed to function effectively in the air, Drew Lock knew how to use his legs. Twice, the quarterback completes the beautiful behavior on the ground.

Dyrek Hill was largely preserved because of heel injuries sustained during the warming. Without their number one receiver and ground play, there is no solution to the Kansas City attack, and it is advancing rapidly. When Jericho McKinnon finally found the loophole to restore the benefit to the leadership, Denver responded immediately with Gordon. The running pack 47 yards pierces the entire security to record the touchdown. (21-17)

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Leaders turn the tide

The lock is simple and avoids mistakes. After a long and good drive that takes them within 10 yards of the opposite, Denver is likely to take a break, which can be decisive. But Gordon, who had been imperial until then, is brutally snatched by Melvin Ingram and loses his skin. Newcomer Nick Bolton recovers and walks across the field. Mahoms adds 2 points to the following shift.

A terrible fortune for the Broncos, who have written the almost perfect match so far. Despite a new drive that connects the lock beautifully with Patrick and Judy, they were satisfied with a field goal and sent the ball back to the captain. Mahomes sets the clock and wins the apparent victory. Leaders will have to wait for the outcome of the match between the Titans and Texans to find out if they will qualify for a week’s rest before starting the playoff campaign.


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