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to honor Renault 4 And the sixtieth anniversary of its founding, presented the French brand AIR4, a flying show car that promises to offer a lot to talk about.

The legendary model, which by the way has deep roots in Mexico, returns after that Renault You will partner with the Motion Design Center Arsenal To embody this futuristic interpretation of the French “shoe”.

This new version was baptized as AIR4It is the first Galician flying car. It’s neither understandable nor a joke AIR4 It’s a vehicle eVTOL fact.

According to TheArsenale, AIR4 I was born first from the understanding that the modern world is facing a crisis due to traffic, so it is time to look elsewhere, in this case, upwards.

“We embrace the idea of ​​nostalgia when we encounter the latest technology; a designer cocktail, just in case AIR4, led to a truly personal reinterpretation of an old icon with entirely new dynamic capabilities,” they say in their statement.

AIR4 retains many of the advantages of Renault 4Essentially, it’s very mass-contained and an impressive calorie-scattering ability.

However, with the requirements of the new mobility, and in the absence of a road in the third dimension, the rigidity was completely revised. Pushing or lifting requires hours of calculations and testing.

Air4 is beautiful even though there are no wheelsHowever, he is armed Four dual-blade fans, one in each corner of the car. The chassis is located in the middle of the rotating frame, so the driver will have to reach his elegant cabin by lifting the casing from Renault 4 Reimagined, it stops at the front.

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Relying on generative design techniques using artificial intelligence, engineers were able to test terabytes of data to impose infinite constraints on designers’ ideas, before beginning the first real-world tests.

The AIR4 It is an electric car and operates on 22,000 lithium polymer batteries with a total capacity of 90,000 mAh. It is estimated that it has a battery Max horizontal speed 26m/s (something like 93 kilometers per hour), all while tilt is maintained at 45° during flights, and with a maximum tilt of 70°.


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