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(ANSA) – VATICAN CITY, Sept 7 – The Church must accompany people in the suffering caused by the pandemic and poverty but “we cannot hide the fact that the Church herself must face the lack of faith and corruption within her.” This is what I read in the Preparatory Document for the Sixteenth Ordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops, which will begin in October and will last two years. “In particular, we cannot forget – as the Vatican document affirms – the suffering suffered by minors and the vulnerable as a result of sexual abuse, power and conscience perpetrated by a large number of clergy and consecrated persons.” “The cry of the victims has long been a cry that the Church could not sufficiently hear. These are deep wounds that are difficult to heal, enough pardons will never be sought and obstacles, sometimes imposed, to move forward in the direction of ‘walking together.’ The whole Church is called to deal with The weight of a culture steeped in the clergy.”

The Synod is an invitation to “walk together” within the Church and also with “the whole human family”. It is not necessary to provide documentation but to “make dreams sprout”.

Finally, the preparatory document notes that bishops are “the guardians, interpreters, and true witnesses of the faith of the whole Church” and therefore “do not be afraid to listen to the flock entrusted to them” but that “consulting with the people of God does not include “the assumption within the Church of democratic dynamics centered around the principle of the majority.”


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