Quinté + on Tuesday 14 September 2021 in Saint-Cloud: Expectations

Find Dominique Cordier’s five predictions for Monday 15 November 2021 in Bordeaux, Prix Sauternes Cup. Departure at 1:50 p.m. Makes a jog. 2,650 metres, rope on the right. Baby walkers from 6 to 10 years.

It’s not a horse race, it’s a driver’s race, trusting the best drivers at the start comes highly recommended in this provincial five-a-side that falls a bit like a hair on a program-level soup.

our favourite, 9 dream shot, is a good person who depends on a healthy team. If the stars line up, it shouldn’t be far from the mark.

Mathieu Abrevard, Assis au sulky du 3 Falcon d’Orville, is also a good possibility, like 4 Donna Phil, entrusted to Gabriele Gelormini.

our last moment, 8 intoxicatingHe performed this track twice, and handled it well. Given the level, it must pass. Attention at the top of the table is 2 Forzo Desjy, in good condition and entrusted to a young driver from the southwest with a bright future ahead of him.


9. The dream shot
3. Falcon d’Orville
4. Donna Vail
15. Felix de Bor
8. Intoxicating
5. Ecureuil elephant
2. Forzo Desi

the last moment

8. Intoxicating

Results for Saturday 13th November in Vincennes

Fifth RTL favourite, last minute, certainly disappointing, seventh, pick points to Tiercé.

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