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It is a series that was broadcast on the independent Art-Mada web radio that has pissed off internet users. We see music columnist Fabian Lesofer, Polnarev press officer, judging the singer Hoshi, a performer known in particular for her song Ta Mariner (whose album sold 200,000 copies), judging the singer for her physical fitness.

“When are we going to release the cool girls?” When you look at Hoshi, for example, who has an incredible and indisputable talent, would you put a poster for the monster in your room? I have nothing against this wonderful girl (…) but she offers her songs to wonderful girls, “he asks, facing a smiling presenter. Before adding” She is scary. “The video of this intervention was viewed by more than 500 thousand views on Wednesday evening.

Beauty based criticism, she moved, and did not fail to respond on social networks, which sparked thousands of angry reactions, especially on Twitter. And on top of them is the victim of these attacks.

Singer support, unsuccessful apologies

In a series of tweets, she wrote: “I’m scary, ugly, I have to“ give my nickname to others ”but hey, I have a talent anyway, so the master wants to come see me at a concert anyway? Parental reaction is ridiculous. You’re vomiting. (…) I don’t want you at my party. My parties are safe places for my fans. Your words are very serious for you to be a good person. ”

Among the waves of insults to Patrick Sebastian’s ex-aide in The Years of Happiness, France 2’s music program, fans wanted to support the singer in a fearful voice. “This pisses me off!” Hoshi is majestic, natural, smiley, stellar, much more attractive than all these silicone influencers and other vulgar vocalists right now, “Nano is annoying.

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There are also condemnation letters from the characters. Hugo Clement, the committed journalist, tweeted “full support for Hoshi who is a great artist (and that’s all that matters)”, protests Quebec Quir de Pirates that no one said “anything on the air” during the show, while radio and TV presenter Emily gets angry Mazuire: “SHAME Fabien Leceuvre, what a hateful, stupid and obnoxious speech. What’s more, you think you are smart. I can’t wait to meet you in the corridors of Europe 1 so you can tell me my face if you find me craving enough to be on the radio. Obviously. Support the Hoshi. “

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Faced with this massive collapse of attacks, Fabian Lesofer tried to defend himself clumsily. To the singer who is still on the same social network responds, “Good evening Hoshi, a thousand apologies for these strange words out of context that may have hurt you. I was simply relating the difference to a time when the record companies and audiences paid much more attention to my physical body.” Artists than they are today. “

An attempt at mea culpa angered the 24-year-old singer-songwriter even more. “But is it actually a joke?” You are still talking about how I look. Brainstorming. Because of people like you, young people give up on their dreams, and not because of record companies, ”she loses her nerve, in a message that has already been conveyed more than 1,000 times.

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