“If Trump wins, he will immediately make a deal with Putin. That will be a shock for us. Either the EU will become more sovereign or it will end,” Minniti predicted to La7.

If Trump wins over Biden, he will try to make a deal with Putin immediately. His victory means the return of the feeling of “America first,” which is the feeling that Americans feel deeply, meaning that America and its basic challenge come first, which is Pacific, And certainly not Israel, the Mediterranean or Europe. If Trump's victory seems to be the shortcut for Americans to solve their problems, This is not good for Europe“.are the words that were said to Tajada (La7) by the former Minister of Interior Marco Minnititoday President of the Leonardo Foundation Med ur.

Minetti does not hide his pessimism and explains: “In the United States there is a deep feeling: that there isTired of international commitment. In some ways, Trump is trying to speak to that feeling, saying: “Enough is enough. The United States will no longer be in charge of the world.” And if he wins, For the Europeans, this will be a painful choice because Europe is not ready – He concludes – It is not prepared to deal with the wider Mediterranean region, it is not prepared to deal with Africa, and it does not have a common defense system. If Trump wins, Europe will undergo a dramatic stress test. At that point the alternative will be too dry: Or Europe becomes more sovereign The United States of Europe was born Or Europe will end and we will return to nation-states“.

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