Sixth consecutive bankruptcy: Wolfsburg reaches relegation battle
sports Sixth consecutive bankruptcy

Wolfsburg has reached the relegation battle

Newcomers VfL Bochum climbed to 11th place in the German Bundesliga. An outsider defeated Wolfsburg. Thus, Lower Saxony entered the relegation battle and set a negative record. This was the sixth consecutive bankruptcy.

WThe outside of Weghorst was speechless. The Wolfsburg striker tried several times after the final whistle to explain his bankruptcy. He failed. As safe as the Dutch striker and his teammates were in the match, the bewilderment afterwards was great.

Lower Saxony continued its downward trend at the beginning of the second half of the season. At 0:1 (0:0) in Bochum, Florian Kohfeldt’s side had to accept a sixth consecutive defeat in the Bundesliga, and they are just two points short of relegation 16th.

“That was a game where we did not achieve what we expected, what we hoped for. We will continue with our plan that we developed over the winter,” said the coach, who does not want to change much.

At the empty Fonofia Rorsstadion, Bochum’s top scorer Milos Pantovic (65th minute) gave former Wolfsburg player in the Champions League a record negative on Sunday. The previous mark for 2004 was five consecutive defeats.

Finger pointing: Milos Pantovic scored the only goal of the evening in Bochum

Source: Getty Images / Lars Baron

In return, the owners of the land benefited from their power on their land even without the support of their fans. Thanks to the fifth success on his court, the climber climbed to eleventh place.

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“It’s very frustrating. But we don’t have to be dramatic either. We have 16 matches left. Weghorst said helplessly.

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Despite Wolfsburg’s best intentions to put in a better performance than at the end of the first half of the season, FL Bochum got off to a better start. Only John Anthony Brooks’ brave rescue after Takuma Asano’s shot (third) prevented the North Germans from falling early.

Bochum’s football coach Thomas Reiss, who was the under-19 coach of “Wölfen” from 2016 to 2019, was kept on standby in the following minutes with plenty of running work and a gritty fencing. However, initially Revierclub no longer creates any truly compelling opportunities. Only when Danilo Soares shot from the edge of the penalty area in the 21st minute was the goal recognized again.

Sad game without many goal area scenes

It took Wolfsburg longer to get ahead in the game. Promising for the first time, they came close to the opposing goal in the 26th minute when Riddle Baku’s long shot missed, veering slightly. However, that didn’t help increase the game’s modest entertainment value until then.

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It was similarly dreary until the intermission. Both teams made a lot of bad passes, avoided risks and remained alarmingly harmless in attack.

VFL Bochum - Wolfsburg VFL

No turnaround: coach Florian Kohfeldt is having a tough time with Wolfsburg in the FL

Source: dpa / David Inderlied

Even after the start of the second half, Bochum made a better start and missed the possible 1-0 with a weak header from Anthony Lucilla (48) in the arms of goalkeeper Coen Castells. After only five minutes, Wolfsburg came close to a shot from Baku.

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After all, both teams had now increased the speed. It paid off quickly for the Bochumers. After a cross from Gerrit Holtmann, Milos Pantovic headed to the penalty spot and brought the Revierclub in front from close range. Then he pushed Wolfsburg to equalize, but it did not work.


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