New photo editing tools coming soon

No more unfashionable blocks on your edited photos: WhatsApp will soon add some extra features to its photo and video editing tool. Beta testers will soon have access to different sizes of pencils.

The WhatsApp

WhatsApp // Source: Unsplash Morizal Zativa

The instant messaging app WhatsApp will soon offer quite a few photo editing tools. It is currently possible to draw with your finger on a photo or video, but it is only possible to change the font color. It is impossible to change the size of the pencil, which sometimes forces you to do it twice (or more…). This should change soon. WhatsApp plans to add additional pencil size options.

New features will be available soon in beta

As monitored by the site WABetainfo, WhatsApp plans to add two new stylus sizes, bringing the total to three sizes. This will allow you to get a thinner or wider line, as desired. The new border sizes will be available directly from the image editor which can be accessed before the image is sent, as can be seen in this screenshot.

Different line thicknesses will be offered

Different font thicknesses will be presented // Source: WABetaInfo

but that is not all. WhatsApp is also working on a new feature that allows users to blur all or part of an image before sending it. This is already on iOS where an additional rasterization tool is integrated into the editor. This option will of course have its place in the Android version of the app. The ability to blur photos directly from a photo editor is very practical to maintain a certain secrecy, for example to blur a face or a number.

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WhatsApp has been working on new features and improvements over the past few months. The app recently added a feature that allows you to listen to your voicemail messages before sending them, as well as play them in the background. Other new features have been added, such as temporary messaging options, or Novi Wallet integration for US payments.

For now, these drawing features are still under development. It is not currently in the latest beta version available in France on Android It will be offered first to beta testers, before reaching the stable version of the app.

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