Digital life and the metaverse are racing to dominate everything, and now it will be possible to earn cryptocurrencies by playing augmented reality games.

Pokémon Go developer Niamtic is developing FOLD AR in collaboration with financial company Fold, the game, according to the creators, will be part of the metaverse.

Augmented Reality and Cryptocurrency

According to Fuld CEO Will Reeves, the game borrows Bitcoin “mining,” so instead of hunting cute monsters, the basic mechanic finds and taps cubes of binary codes like blocks of binary codes. Minecraft so get the prize shown.

Prizes include satoshis bitcoin, a very small denomination that is currently worth less than a penny on the dollar.

Unlike Pokémon Go, FOLD AR is not inside a world with virtual locations, on the contrary, the game creates a block between 1 and 50 feet from the player every 10 minutes which reflects the real bitcoin mining rate.

The team plans to develop new features by early 2022 that include a multiplayer geocaching system that will allow the player to hide bitcoins until they find their friends.

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The game is full of cryptocurrencies and memes, with mechanisms with names such as “Diamond Hands”. But it is meant to appeal to crypto newcomers as well as existing fans: “This is a great experience to share with people,” Reeves noted.

The game developed by Fold is part of a trend called “Play to Win” which gives players rewards with cryptocurrency instead of in-game currency.

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