M - Strange things have happened, but the Demogorgon is left dead in the light of day

And this, readers, is the problem with licensed content. Dead by Daylight’s giant Stranger Things DLC bundle – which features the Demogorgon along with main characters Nancy Wheeler and Steve Harrington – is leaving the game on November 17. It’s been just over two years since it was added, so it’s likely that this was about the length of Behavior Interactive’s contract.

If you already own the content, you will be able to continue playing it, but it will be removed from the in-game store and other providers such as the PS Store – a real shame. The Underground Complex map will also be removed, and no one will be able to play it from the above date, although we’re not fans of this arena so it’s not a huge loss.

The good news is that if you don’t already own the Stranger Things content, you can buy it at 50% off until November 17th. All costumes will also be discounted, and you can get The Dead by Daylight: Stranger Things Edition up to 50% off on the PS Store. Big savings until the content is removed, then – but once it’s gone, it’s gone.

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I gotta love the way the licensors can tell developers and especially fans to give it up and we can’t talk about that.

Licensing is a big killer for this stuff. I mean YouTuber Maximilian Dood started a campaign on social media a few weeks ago to re-release Marvel Vs Capcom 2 because it’s been 7 years since it was legally available and it’s stuck on PS3 and 360.

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