The FNAF security breach has been out for a few days and Five Nights At Freddy’s community has revealed all of its secrets, including binary codes from in-game sticky notes.

The final episode of Five Nights At Freddy received mixed reactions from fans online. Some people like to get away from the original gameplay and kinetics, while others feel that the story is incomplete and doesn’t answer enough questions.

While there are many important unresolved questions left by the endgame, there are also many secrets that fans are working to unravel.

Five Nights at Freddy’s: a security breach | State of Play Trailer October 2021



Five Nights at Freddy’s: a security breach | State of Play Trailer October 2021





Five Nights in Trays Breaking Freddy’s Security Laws

Here are the binary codes known to be involved in the FNAF security breach with translations:

« why should »:

01110111 01101000

01111001 0010000

01101001 01110011



” To hide “:





These two are courtesy of Reddit user NikIsHere. There is also one partially covered in sewers but no definitive translation has yet been found.

what does it mean?

Fans of Five Nights At Freddy’s Security Breach don’t know the meaning of binary codes outside of their translations.

Many believe that it is employee bots who question their purpose and role. Reddit user Blue-Burgundy speculated that the phrase “why me” could be a reference to logging into a cafeteria where employees are told “don’t ask why.”

As for “hiding”, it is not clear who could come. We will update this article if more binary codes appear.

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