“Unfortunately, Russia has fallen into the clutches of some assholes”: the case of the phone call between the oligarch Trosenko and Matushevsky

new case of eavesdropping between oligarchs Who criticize the situation that Russia. After the scandal he caused Phone call Among the Russian music producer Joseph Prigozhin And the Azerbaijani billionaire Farhad Ahmadov – Denied by those directly involved, but considered authentic by security service sources heard by the media – Another 40-minute phone conversation between the Russian billionaire appears Roman Trosenko and businessman Nikolai MatushevskyAccording to a recording that appeared on the channel Youtube to SystemAn investigative project by Nowadays And Liberty Radio. “Unfortunately, the Russiawhich we sincerely love, fell into the clutches of some loafersone of them would say during the call. Ukraineska Pravda reports it System Receive the registration link by mail. The hub is not named, but it could be matushevsky, Explains the system. The phone conversation has been posted Youtube On the 17th of last April.

Trotsenko He is the former president of United Shipbuilding Corporation and former advisor to the president RosneftAnd Igor Sechinand one of the relatively close oligarchs Russian President Vladimir Putin. Matushevskya longtime friend Trotsenko And the founder of the Moscow design firm bottleOpenly sympathizes with the opposition. A journalist called him from SystemAnd Trotsenko He confirmed that he knew MatushevskyConfirming that she had not heard anything about him, “maybe a year and a half ago.” for his part, Matushevsky “This conversation didn’t happen,” he declared, adding, “I think it’s a fake or silly joke of someone using AI (Artificial Intelligence, ed.)”.

However, even if there is no confirmation from those directly involved – as it really happened in the case Prigozhin Akhmedov – second System Several details indicate that registration Be Honest. Matushevsky In fact, he claims to be in BaliAs confirmed by his profile pictures Instagram. Secondly, the phone number from which Trotsenko Corresponding to his available number had called my editors System. Third, some details from conversation Compatible with businessmen: Trotsenko He says that in ten years he will be 62 years old and Matushevsky He talks over and over about projects bottleWhich I own until 2021.

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