Ukraine and Zelensky: “We need defensive aircraft immediately”

“We need planes.” Ukraine needs fighter jets to defend against Russia’s attacks. president Volodymyr Zelensky He repeats the request to West with a blunt message on Telegram. “The day began with an attack by Iranian drones. Most of them were shot down. 11 out of 14. Unfortunately, they also hit. Three employees of the state emergency service in Khmelnytsky were injured, two died,” Zelensky says.

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And he adds: “That is why we need an element of air defense – modern combat aircraft, so that the entire territory of our state can be protected from Russian terrorism. Air defense is complete when it is ensured, in particular, by modern aviation.” .

“Our pilots, along with our defense systems, together with all the soldiers and specialists of our Air Force, are already doing a great job. But we will be able to fully protect the sky when there is an aircraft taboo in relations with our partners, ”says the Ukrainian president.

Zelensky also talks about the situation in Bakhmut, the city that has been the epicenter of clashes between Ukraine and Russia for weeks. He says that the situation in the region “is becoming more and more difficult, the enemy is constantly destroying everything that can be used to protect, protect and defend our positions.” “Our soldiers defending the Bakhmut Line are real heroes.”

To complete the picture, the words of Serhiy Chervati, spokesman for the Eastern Group of the Armed Forces. “Bakhmut is still the epicenter of the enemy’s attack,” the Russian forces “concentrate on penetrating our defense, in particular in the Dubovo-Vasilivka, Yehedny, Ivankivsky and Pivnichen areas. There were 300 attacks with various types of artillery and multiple rocket launchers in the area, and 60 combat engagements were recorded The enemy killed 63 soldiers and wounded 141 with injuries of varying severity.

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