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For the former US president, “constructive” governance must start from “acknowledging complexity.”

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(Matteo Castellucci) That is, judging Conflict in the Middle EastTo be “constructive” you must start from “acknowledging complexity.” The former US president explains this Barack Obama to “Saving America”the video podcast he was a guest on about a year ago, in October 2022. “Instead of looking back, we should look to the future, but that can’t happen if we lock ourselves inside our discontent.”

At the moment, only three minutes have been posted on social media: a preview. The full episode of the show hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, Dan Pfeiffer and Tommy Vietor will be released on Tuesday. The “hosts” all have backgrounds dating back to the Obama administration: the first two as speechwriters, Pfeiffer as a senior White House adviser, and Vietor as a spokesperson.

In the clip that was uploaded to the “Pod Save America” channels, the former president explains: “What Hamas did is terrifying And there are no excuses. This is also true The occupation and what is happening to the Palestinians is unbearable. There are people dying now who have nothing to do with what Hamas did.”

Obama’s invitation is an invitation to complexity, which is punished by polarization on the Internet. “We can go on for a long time.The problem with social networking and activity on TikTok is that you can’t tell the truth You can pretend to tell the truth; You can say half of it, and in some cases try to maintain your moral innocence, but that won’t solve the problem. If you want to solve the problem, you will have to face the whole truth and then admit it Nobody has clean hands. We are all complicit, to some extent».

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He says he himself agonizes over whether he did enough during his presidency. For the former president, it is important today to have a dialogue between the barriers of public opinion and, above all, to understand how to interact “with those who do not think like you.” This, according to Obama, is the basic condition for “saving” someone. (Lapress)

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