Olympic Games - closing ceremony.  Delivery between Thomas Pesquet and Arihiko Hoshide in space

The French and Japanese, who have been installed on the space station since April 24, are followers of social networks. To bring earthlings to everyday life, Thomas Pesquet posts many videos and photos: views of the Earth, science experiments, or even impromptu Olympics.

The entire ISS team, consisting of Americans Shane Kimbrae, Megan MacArthur, Japanese Akihiko Hoshed and a Frenchman, participated in the games and invented the first version of the “Space Games”. On the program: Above-ground gym, hands-free, synchronous float and zero-gravity shooting.

On Sunday, August 8, the Olympic Games in Tokyo will conclude the two Olympic weeks. The torch between Tokyo and Paris will be a handover between the two countries and the two organizing committees.

Thomas Pesquet and Arihiko Hoshed took a step forward and passed the wand from space. The Japanese handed the French Olympic rings and a flag bearing the Paris 2024 emblem. A symbol for these astronauts: sport is essential in their daily lives.

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