This is why the campaign is not shown at Gamescom

Halo Infinite received a great deal of attention during Gamescom’s One Night Live presentation, including the reveal of its December 8th release date, but no further campaign for the game has been shown.

Fans were disappointed when the Halo Infinite campaign didn’t show up during Gamescom, citing concerns that the game’s launch is only two months away and the last time the campaign was shown in full force was over a year ago. anus

However, 343 Industries has seen and heard of disappointment over the lack of a campaign during Gamescom, and Halo Infinite Creative Director Joseph Statin has now spoken out about the issue, GameSpot reports.

“We are in a critical phase of the journey which is Halo Infinite, so it is extremely important to avoid distractions and focus only on mission critical missions,” Staten wrote in the latest Inside Infinite press release. “For the campaign, this means making every effort to ensure that the open and adventure-filled experience that everyone will be able to play on December 8th is the best it can be. The gameplay demos and trailers don’t take much effort to make it happen. But they do. Also to bug fixes and other tasks.”

In short, when developing a game, creating a game demo or story trailer, which is probably what fans wanted to see from the game’s campaign during One Night Live, takes time and takes time away from fans. Working on launching the game.

Staten followed up on the blog and explained that he’s in the middle of a campaign play session and can’t wait to go home (from Gamescom) to continue.

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“I hope everyone is comfortable with the fact that I honestly can’t wait to go home and hit ‘continue’ on the campaign,” Staten said. “No matter how many times I play Halo Infinite is still basically a lot of fun, and we really look forward to sharing all the fun with you through our captured gameplay, trailers, and other content once we get on that plane safely in the soil.”

Staten’s statement comes from the same Halo Infinite news post where 343 Industries explained that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer offering is tied to challenges rather than XP-based leveling up. Just days before all this, Staten also revealed that the game will start without a co-op campaign or Forge mode.

The Halo Infinite multiplayer campaign and campaign will be launched on December 8th. While you wait, check out our multiplayer tech test experience, then check out the recently revealed Halo Infinite PC requirements.


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