Le opinioni dei VIP sulla discussione tra Attilio Romita e Antonella Fiordelisi

after an explosion AtiliusAnd the EdwardAnd the Tavasi And the Mikul Discuss what happened during the night.

According to Eduardo, the journalist made an announcement of serious accusations Antonella. He has no idea what VIP’s relationship is with Danielle, so he goes so far as to confront her with heavy words. Indeed, the two cannot stand each other, so Attilio cannot say that the girl has offended a friend.

The altruist realized he was wrong. Although at first it may seem that she enjoys being teased, when she is alone, Antonella thinks about the actions she takes and the words she speaks.

Because it is made, the important person cannot remain powerless in the face of injustice. Yesterday’s discussion was also born to defend a matter of principle and defend Micol’s rights to keep at least one wardrobe door.

According to Micol, Eduardo is right. She herself is always on the side of justice but last night she wasn’t interested in getting involved due to her past with the influencer.

Tavasi interprets Attilio’s speech: If the wardrobe door is enough to let out a lot of evil, they are not good and civilized people. If between Antonella and Daniel There are no reports, the girl had to say it immediately to defend herself. The problem with the model is to wander through the arguments, not defending themselves with reasonable theses, but putting issues in the middle that are unrelated to the topic of discussion.

But for Eduardo, Antonella is right in saying that there is nothing to be forgiven for, while others can say anything with impunity. She always takes the wrong paths but she stands up for just causes.

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He felt good about her protection and hoped that next time the people involved in the matter would also spend a word to protect their sites.

As usual in the most spied houses in Italy, even the wardrobe can lead to quarrels, reflections and comments. How will the relationship between Antonella and Attilio develop? Will they be able to explain or is it the first sign of a breakup between the two?


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