Restaurants, cinemas, nightclubs and sports complexes are slowly reopening in New York. Collections are being re-authorized in some states while the obligation to wear the mask is gradually being removed in places. After the winter chaos, America breathes. Finally. But would the blur of hope across the Atlantic be a sham?

On Friday, April 2, Joe Biden reminded Americans: We should not “Reduce Guards” And “Finish the job”. The American president is ambitious. The initial target of 100 million injections was reached at 58e On the day of his decree, at the end of March, he raised his 100-vaccinated national goal to 200 million.e Day. Today, more than one in five adults is fully vaccinated, i.e. receiving both doses. The United States is one of the most advanced countries in terms of immunization. But a 4 threate Vague plane.

Decline in indicators

Pollution is on the rise again, this week, with an average of 65,700 cases being registered every day (for a country of 328 million people). One increase Almost 22% compared to the previous week. Already on Monday, Rochelle Valensky, director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), was moved by the circumstances and admitted it.“There are so many reasons to believe, now (she) is scared », Goes so far as to speak “Immediate disaster” To the United States.

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Covid-19: Slowly but surely, New York is rising from its ashes

Despite a cautious call from the Democratic president, the country – federal – is divided and many states (mostly Republicans) have completely lifted health restrictions. In addition, domestic aviation has returned to its pre-epidemic level.

Vaccination improved but not completed

As in France, the vaccine was given priority to seniors (73% received at least one dose). Joe Biden has promised that by April 19, 90% of adults will be eligible for the vaccine. But until then young people remain vulnerable.

The Origin of Covid-19: Why is the Scene of Laboratory Leaks Back on the Table?

« It takes 70% of the population to be vaccinated in the belief that it will reduce any risk of infection. “, Points out Antoine Flaholt, an epidemiologist at the University of Geneva and director of the World Health Organization. « Vaccinating the elderly protects them from death, otherwise terrifying. But some variants raise the fear that the virus will cause twice as many deaths in younger people as seen in previous waves. “

A race against time

The British variant continues to grow in the country, now representing more than a quarter of the contaminants. “For now, it looks like P.1.1.7 [terminologie scientifique du variant britannique, NDLR] We need to be neutralized by the vaccines at our disposal, but (…) if the virus is circulating enough, these variations will become even more prevalent and lead to more complex variations in the future, which is why we must completely control the virus’s cycle, Rochelle Valensky worries.

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Biden’s United States in Irish Reunification Service

The intent to “return to normal” on July 4, the national holiday, remains unchanged for now. Looking at the pace at which Americans are administering the vaccine, Antoine Flohold is optimistic. But still “Until then, some states, like Europe, will be more vulnerable than others to potential control measures and the need to close their schools.”, He pieces.


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