Italy defeated Austria after a crazy match
Euro D Football 2020 (and 2021)Document

On Saturday night, the crowd scored three goals in extra time. The second team to qualify for the quarterfinals after Denmark will play Skradra Assura against the Belgium-Portugal winner.

Italy, who beat Austria in the longest match of the Euro 16 round on Saturday (2-1 AB), snatched a ticket to the quarterfinals just like Denmark, who beat Wales (4-0).

The knockout phase has only just begun, but the drama of this dramatic match is already underway: tensions at Wembley Stadium in London have long been high, with the Italians finally finding fault with the Austrian wall by Cisa (95th) and then Matteo. Sasa Kalajtjik (114th) scored less, but Pesina (105th)

In Amsterdam, Danish Caspar took only two kicks from Dolberg (27th, 48th), planned in the light as a regular alternative, advancing Denmark to the quarterfinals, carried by extra soul from the overwhelming fear of his midfielder’s heart arrest. Christian Erickson in the middle of a match.

In short, the stage for the eighth project is set before other events, especially on Sunday evening (9pm) with a shock in Seville between Belgium of Romelu Lukaku and Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo, whose winner will challenge Italy in the quarterfinals. Denmark will travel to Budapest on Sunday (6pm) to face either the Netherlands or the Czech Republic.

At Wembley, Italy has long been plagued by eye-catching Austrian defenses: even more attractive in the chicken stage, “Nazionel” struggled to get the reality of some of its most famous predecessors, as the sudden strike of the Ciro immobile was suppressed (32nd).

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The problem as the match progressed was that the title of Marco Arnadovic (65th), who entered with the help of a shortcut, could have opened the scoring even for Austria if it had not been canceled offside after consultation with the referee. Video (VAR). Despite their technical superiority and strong mastery of the ball, the Italians rarely established their alpine neighbors.

At one tense end of the meeting, we saw the appearance of Italy with perseverance and success. Sisa, the son of former international Enrico Sisa, first presented “Nazional” from a spectacular scene: head control, hook and strike with force (95th). Pesina then sent Assouri to the quarters (105th).

This forceps victory confirms coach Roberto Mancini’s ability to bring the fallen selection back to the highest level since he did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Moreover, his “Nacionale” shattered Italy’s unbeaten record of more than 80 years, without losing the 31st game in a row.

While it is almost impossible for Italians to travel to London due to travel restrictions attached to the Covid, London’s large transshipment community has largely come to Wembley to give this eighth place the air of a home race.

In between the gospel “Brothers of Italy” Sung on the surface of the lungs and in mild weather, though a little cooler than it was in Rome, a talented maestro could not distract a squadron assura presented as one of the best favorites of the competition on the first lap.


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