Four assists in a third goal: Drysittel sets a National Hockey League record, and the Bayern star celebrates

Four passes in the third
Draisaitl with NHL record, Bayern Munich star cheers

Leon Drysittle and the Edmonton Oilers continue to walk the playoffs in the National Hockey League. They take the lead in the series against the Calgary Flames on Sunday. The Cologne native runs a record-breaking play-off under the watchful eye of a Bayern Munich star.

German professional ice hockey player Leon Drysitl won the third playoff against Calgary Flames with the Edmonton Oilers and set a record. On Sunday, the Oilers beat the Flames 4-1 (0-0, 4-0, 0-1) in the NHL and advanced 2-1 in the series. Four successes are necessary to advance to the Western Conference Finals. Draisaitl set a playoff record: the Cologne native scored four assists in the second half – no player in the NHL Finals has managed so many in one part of the game.

Driesitl participated in a goal by Evander Kane three times. The Oilers striker scored a hat-trick and only needed six minutes to score his three goals – the seventh-fastest hat-trick in NHL playoff history. Kane became the third player in Edmonton history, after Wayne Gretzky and Peter Klima, to score three consecutive goals in a playoff match.

Alphonso Davies was also in attendance. The Bayern Munich player put on a Drysittel shirt and later heard that top scorer Kane was generously praising the German. “He’s getting better every day,” he said after the match. “He’s been fantastic in every game in the series and seems to find every match at a higher level.”

Tampa Bay Lightning became the first team to advance 3-0 in the second round of the playoffs. Obviously, Tampa Bay won its home game against the Florida Panthers 5:1 (1:1, 2:0, 2:0). Lightning needs only one success to reach the semi-finals. The New York Rangers reduced the series to 1:2 with a 3:1 home win (1:0, 1:1, 1:0) over the Carolina Hurricanes. The winners of both series will play the protagonist of the Eastern Conference.

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