Marwa accused Laud of resorting to magic: the singer responds with a good sense of humor

Will a new magic trade appear? Mark Plata revealed on his Snapchat account that Marwa Loud was suspected of using Marabout against singer Artiste. It has since responded to the charges.

Each month has its own magic to do. A few weeks ago, blogger Marc Plata revealed a hateful story: the alleged witchcraft case broke out between Marseille. Meva Ghanem then learns that her close friend Carla Moreau has called on the services of fortune teller Danai to influence her future in Marseille.

This time it was the turn of singer Marwa Loud, who was suspected of using occult and occult sciences. Reason ? It will be the charm of rapper Lartiste.

On Friday April 9th, blogger Mark Plata once again revealed the information on the Snapchat social network. Thus the influencer mentioned that it is a translator It was not his duty He was going to a magician in Morocco with his sister to attack the singer.

He called him Marc Plata, translator chocolate He didn’t want to follow along according to the voice notes the blogger posted on Snapchat. “I did not want to publish this story. (…) It’s okay today, I’m far from all of it and want to talk about it more, it made me feel upset more than anything else, in my relationship and my family “He admitted.

“Too big to be a witch”

The 24-year-old singer responded to the accusations of witchcraft the same day on Snapchat. For her, there is no evidence of this issue. When I found out what happened I asked for proofPictures of the famous private investigator who was going to follow me to this famous magician, to me, that’s nonsense. If what she claims is true, evidence will be required (…) I don’t care what people think about me. This is not good, I am not one to judge, but to say so many things about me, you are crazy! Why do you want to hurt so much? Whereas I never mutated my stories and never underestimated anyone. ”

Faced with the absurdity of the accusations, she tried to mock her by identifying them which was “Too fleshy to be a witch and to ride a broomAnd it’s a surprising answer that hasn’t stopped internet users from that Hashtag launchBoycott Marwa with a loud voice. “ On Twitter.


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