'My 12-year-old designed it': This is how Lobello Rivera responded to criticism of tattoos covering Belinda's face
Belinda’s face has been replaced with a series of black ink scratches (Image: screenshot)

Lobelo Rivera It was on everyone’s lips after showing a design A tattoo made to cover Belinda’s face Made years ago. However, in the face of intense criticism and memes drawn from revelations, the Mexican regional singer did not stay silent. Explain where the idea came from.

Before commenting an Instagram user, who told the singer that she was disappointed with the result of her new tattoo, when Jenni Rivera’s brother broke the silence and revealed who inspired the black tattoo that now covers his ex-girlfriend.

“This is how my 12-year-old nose styled, ma’am.‘, judged the artist.

Also, some users asked him why he didn’t remove it with a laser, or suggested other designs that would have worked to cover up previous tattoos. However, Lupillo maintained his position and made it clear that he was convinced of what he had done.

“@IrIs.t.ruiz yes, he suggested it, but my son drew it once and that was my decision,” he said.

Regarding other signs where some netizens have said to celebrities that they won’t tattoo anything about other women unless they are their mothers or daughters, Rivera mentioned that some people have tattooed characters they will never know يعرف This was not an obstacle.

“You see some of them getting Marilyn Monroe tattoos and he’s never kissed it,” he said.

The singer responded to his followers (Image: Screenshot / IGlupilloriveraofficial)
The singer responded to his followers (Image: Screenshot / IGlupilloriveraofficial)

We must remember it Lobelo Rivera erased his love for Belinda. After several days of waiting, the translator showed the final result on his arm that held the face of the former coach for almost two years. Mexico’s voice And this at the end It was eliminated thanks to the determination of his son Larry.

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“El Toro del corrido” shared, through his Instagram account, “the video that everyone has been waiting for, and that everyone wants to watch”, where he explained the reasons for removing the tattoo from the Spanish artist’s face and before he took his oath. Don’t pull it It was a mistake that he now sought to amend it.

“I am very happy to make this decision. First and foremost is to give a place to my fiancée, Gisele Soto, and that’s why I made this decisionn to do this. Every woman deserves their place and you have to give it to,” he commented in a clip of a few minutes that showed the arduous process of removing an amazing tattoo.

The singer explained to his followers the origin of the tattoo (Photo: screenshot / IGlupilloriveraofficial)
The singer explained to his followers the origin of the tattoo (Photo: screenshot / IGlupilloriveraofficial)

“I know I gave my word at some point in my life, I was wrong, We are human and now we have to give it to my wife,” he assured his 1.3 million followers.

In the video he shared last night, you can see that the expert invested several hours to remove the well-known tattoo, the process that Lupillo suffered, as he admitted: “This hurts Ching*.”

The end result will definitely surprise more than one and that is just that It consists of several black stripes that covered the singer’s face that nearly two years ago he defined her as “a woman I loved madly, a woman I really wanted, a woman I honestly would lower the sky and the stars”

For weeks it was known that Loblo had sought out tattoo artist Antonio Morales to remove the inscription. Tell how arduous it was to put an end to the memory of Belinda in the body of Toro del Corredo.

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