This is why curvy model Angelina Kirsch never wants to be in Playboy: 'I would never do that'

Angelina Kirsch likes to be more revealing at times – but she vehemently turns down an offer.Photo: Imago Pictures/Frederic Kern

Angelina Kirsch was discovered as a curvy model while on vacation in Italy in 2012 – and she’s been successful in business ever since. From 2016 to 2018, she made the last leap in the world of television and was a member of the “Curvy Supermodel – Echt. Schön. Kurvig” jury. on RTL II. This was followed by third place in “Let’s Dance” and the medium position on the cooking show “The Taste” and finally a book titled “Rock your Curves! Leash your curves love”.

Angelina has already held many different jobs, but she constantly resists one of them to this dayWhich many other women might see with a kiss – because when Playboy asked in the past, the 33-year-old refused every time. Why she doesn’t want to undress for a men’s magazine, she now revealed in an interview with RTL.

Angelina Kirsch always rejects ‘Playboy’

It’s definitely not because of her body that Angelina doesn’t want to be photographed freely – after all, it’s her capital and she feels so comfortable in her own skin. Instead, it’s the “mistake” of a family member who has always decided not to accept the “Playboy” offer just yet:

“I don’t know. My father lives among us and I don’t think he wants to see his daughter in Playboy.”

Addressing her father, she finally turned to the camera and promised: “No Dad, I would never do that.”

Angelina’s opinion is very important to her family

In an interview with Watson in October, Angelina also commented on the special support she gets from her family. She explained that the reactions from her relatives are of particular importance to her: “Because my family are the people who love me for who I am, since the beginning of my life. That’s why the feedback is so important to me.”

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It is important for her that not only does her parents or her sister tell her that some clothes do not fit her, but that her family’s opinion goes deeper. She takes it more seriously than the hate comments on the net: “When it comes to being outside, I don’t care. If someone writes to me: ‘You have such a huge ass, he needs his own zip,’ I laugh at him.”I explained.

Angelina also believes that the question of her dress size, which, by the way, in the RTL interview, is 44, is now outdated: “Because we have grown more. I see more and more women with different body sizes. I don’t find it contemporary anymore.



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