The full episode of 11/6/21 as repetition and live broadcast on TV and live broadcast

“The Masked Singer” is currently running a new season on Pro7. We’ve got all the info about streaming the show live on TV and broadcast, plus iteration is right here for you.

disguised singerIt’s back: Season 5 has opened since October 16 in TV And watch the live broadcast. This time too, there are ten celebrities hiding behind costumes during their appearance. The guessing team and the audience must find out who is hiding behind the masks.

Where is the program broadcast? Can ‘The Masked Singer’ also be streamed live? Here you will find all the important information about live broadcasts on TV, in broadcasts, as well as for repetition.

Broadcast of 2021 “The Masked Singer” on TV and Live

Season 5 of “The Masked Singer” has been shown on TV every Saturday since October 16, 2021 and for the first time on prime-time weekends at 8:15 p.m. ProSieben Transfer.

Video: ProSieben

In addition to the live broadcast on TV, you can also watch the show live on the live broadcast: Lgwen You can watch the show online without TV.

“The Masked Singer” 2021: Watch full episodes as a repetition

If you missed an episode of “The Masked Singer,” no problem: ProSieben It shows every episode frequently and you can also watch individual episodes on demand online.

The station appears every Wednesday six times At 8.15 p.m., the current episode of the show as a repeat on TV. You can also find full episodes after airing here on this page.

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This is the principle of the “The Masked Singer” show.

In the fifth season of “The Masked Singer,” celebrities from various industries are completely slipping into ridiculous but intricate costumes to conceal their identity. In a live show, the stars have to prove their mic skills in a mask and are sometimes more, sometimes less talented.

In the past few seasons, first-class guest singers have hid themselves under costumes: Veronica Ferris, Sylvie Mays and Vicki Leandros, among others, have slid into the roles of “bee”, “alpaca” and “cat”.

The counseling team is no less famous than the candidates. But there’s something new in this year’s fall season from “The Masked Singer.” As in previous seasons, when she and Ray Garvey managed to unravel the mask of some celebrity, Ruth Musner sat in the counseling office. But the singer will not be there anymore. Instead, the moderator will attempt to look behind the participants’ masks and reveal their true identity along with a permanent partner on the advice team and the weekly change tip guest.

Previous season winners

Here is an overview of the winners for the past four seasons of “The Masked Singer”:

  • season 1: astronaut, Max MotzkySinger
  • season 2: sloths, Tom Pick, the actor
  • season 3: skeleton, Sarah LombardiSinger
  • Season Four: Dinosaur, Sasha, Singer



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