«Les 12 Coups de midi»: Laurent ému aux larmes par l’hommage de Zette

Video – On Saturday, the champ returned to the TF1 game to get his check. On this occasion, the voiceover sang him a small song.

Friday, after 72 posts, Laurent left “Les 12 Coups de midi”. The philosophy professor had already bowed to Murad. “It’s over. It had to happen one day, it did. Life goes on. It was awesome. It was a nice arc, but it’s coming to an end and full of hope to come back to my life and continue to do so many other things, full of happiness”said the candidate for the TF1 game presented by Jean-Luc Richmann. “I am so happy for you. It was so great, you have a wonderful family, and you are surrounded so well, even if everyone is a little sad, and I understand that.”replied the host.

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As usual, Laurent came back the next day to collect his check for €31,607. However, the player will receive only 163,200 euros for this amount. Indeed, 147,407 euros of this amount is due to the gifts he won thanks to his victories in the Mysterious Three Stars. On the occasion of his return, Jean-Luc Richmann booked a small surprise for him. “I don’t know if you know anything about it, but every time Zette does something simple. Listen, she’s my friend and she’s going to give you some”He explained before the famous voiceover sings a little song: Like a philosophy teacher we wanted to keep forever and who left behind thousands of love bubbles. Like a man on the edge of a cliff who enchanted our lunchtimes. Atypical, our hero, spontaneous and funny. Like a sound mind with delicious ideas. He is beautiful in fencing. Laurent, You gave us wings ».

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Inspired by my heart mills By Michel Legrand, this tribute was literally broken by Laurent who could not hold back his tears. “Thank you Zeit, I am so very touched because I adore it. My daughter loves it too and it really means a lot to me. Really so much, thank you”did he say. “It comes from the heart”Zet replied.

This is not the first time a philosophy professor has found himself in this situation. At the beginning of February, he was upset when he found out the message sent to him by Camille Leglis, a former candidate for “12 Coup Medie” and a former student of Laurent suffering from generalized cancer.

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