Aracely y Coppelli se conocen desde la escuela. Y. Villalpando

actress and singer Arasili Arambola He claimed this by not allowing his image to be used in the last season of the series Luis Miguel He has set a precedent for all who protect his career, in addition, he would like to publish a book in which he tells what he called his “memories” and which will of course touch on the subject of his sons, the fruit of his love for the translator.

La Schul, who endorsed the show Cynthia Copley, one of her great friends from her studies in CEA de TelevisaAnd who is preparing for his return to the platforms with a new production, said that preventing his image from being preoccupied with the production of El Sol, shows that “if you do not want to expose it, you have every right not to publish it.”

“We didn’t allow my picture to appear (in the series), and we made a gift that couldn’t be done, and your picture couldn’t be used, even if they gave it another name, because it would be quite noticeable what everyone, wife, kids, you know, knew. I didn’t want to go out there. Because the story would have been told by other people, the writers, I have nothing against them, but they don’t know what he and I are really living through.”

And he continued, “If the people in the series talk to me and tell me things as they should be, then continue, but since they did not do it and they also wanted to do it without taking my children into account, and I said: Of course not, because they are minors and I am the mother.

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For the same reason and regarding his relationship with the singer, he indicated that he would like to publish a book in which he tells his memories, where he will have the opportunity to inform the public as it really happened.

“It’s still in the making, but the first to know about these memories are my children, who already know some of the touches, because it’s a very beautiful story. They’ve already seen the presentation his dad gave where he said, ‘He’s a boy and his name will be Miguel’, or the picture that In her there is Daniel in my tummy, because he is beautiful. In life, everything should be taken in the kindest and most friendly way, there is always time to meditate to get the best out of each one, because for me family is the most important thing, therefore, it will never affect my life .children.

“When you (the press) ask me about the father of my children, I will never talk to them, because I lived a very beautiful story and thanks to the fact that I have two children,” he said.

round and epidemic

The Chihuahua native is preparing to start a city tour of the US, and although she said the pandemic is not over yet and that we should all take good care of ourselves, getting back to work should be little by little. Few.

“The first round after the pandemic with Why do men love California…? Starts on September 25 and will have dates in Atlanta, El Paso, Texas and Los Angeles and on September 30 I will be in Las Vegas.”

Arasili Arambola He explained that he had not yet been vaccinated and that he preferred to follow a strict routine of taking care of his immune system to have his immune system under control before considering a vaccination.

“No, I have not been vaccinated, my children and I, at the moment, take great care of the immune system. I am a person who likes to correct everything I wear, my brother is a doctor and we want to wait a bit. I respect all people who want to be vaccinated, but not at the moment. But we follow the advice of We don’t go to parties, there are no meetings or they are with very few people, and we use gels and face masks to reduce the risk of infection.”

Finally, he said that despite the pandemic, the changes are sometimes not so bad and one cannot continue on the same path all their life. “Things can’t go the same way, for whatever reason, but that doesn’t mean you have to have a bad time. This pandemic teaches us that life goes by too fast and we should take advantage of it instead of arguing or fighting.

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