The future iPad mini 6 should do its best

Apple finally decided to upgrade iPod Mini. Version 5 is currently on sale since March 2019 and offers lower performance than other brands of tablets. in the place 9to5Mac I was able to get exclusive information about the iPod mini 6, which may arrive before the end of the year, thanks to some sources who are well aware of this.

The new iPad mini will be codenamed J310 and will feature Apple’s new A15 processor, which will replace the current A12 processor. Like the A14, the A15 is etched with a 5 nm process and is expected to debut thereafter. Iphone. The iPod mini 6 will also be equipped with popular devices smart connector, will allow users to connect with some trinkets like these keyboard smart keyboard.

Switch to USB Type-C

Like other tablets from the brand, Apple has decided to drop the Lightning port in favor of USB Type-C, making the device compatible with a number of already designed accessories. iPod Pro and iPod Air. Regarding the design, Bloomberg Some information about this tablet was already published in June, it has slim bezels and does not have a key button.

The site was also able to find information on other products, including the production of the A15X processor, the most powerful variant of future iPod models. An apple Also, codenamed J181, will run on a new entry-level iPad, switching from an A12 to A13 processor, adopting a format closer to the iPod Air3.

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