In Lyon-Part-Dieu, vaccination against Covid-19 is declining |

After last week’s break-in, the ephemeral vaccination center in Part Dieu has been progressively empty since Monday. The operation will continue until July 7 on the second floor of the shopping center.

Between two Part-Dieu shopping sessions, it is possible to get your first injection of the Pfizer vaccine without an appointment. © ED / Rue89Lyon

“I noticed a Part Dew vaccination center while shopping. I decided to go get vaccinated there.”

Willima, 23, waited several months before he drowned.

“I didn’t really want to go because some people around me were skeptical about the vaccine. I told myself I could do without it.”

Finally, it was the implementation of the Health Corridor that prompted the young man to inject his first dose of Pfizer. While he was initially supposed to go to Villeurbanne, William finally chose the fortification post at Part-Dieu. This Tuesday, September 3, he is one of the few people who have come in for a vaccination.

1,860 vaccine injections were made in two days

The operation began on Thursday, July 29th, and was initially a huge success. Before the weekend, the vaccination queue stretched several meters. Some vaccine candidates even had to wait several hours.

“In two days, we had 1,860 injections,” said firefighter Colonel Lionel Chapier, who is responsible for overseeing the rapid vaccination organized by the ARS and the county.

Highlights of the advantages of this event:

“The process gives access to people who are not opposed to vaccination and who have not yet taken action.”

In recent days, the number of minors willing to be vaccinated has increased. According to him, more and more of them want to “expect to prepare for the start of the school year and the resumption of activities in sports clubs.”

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Attendance to the vaccination center drops

But on Tuesday, there was no queue at the entrance to the vaccination center. Only a handful of people show up drip. Less than a hundred people have been vaccinated while 1,000 doses of Pfizer can be administered daily at the center. The day before, 376 doses of the vaccine had been injected.

Hamza, the administrative employee at the center, notes:

“The number of people coming for vaccination is decreasing day by day.”

Departures on ‘glass roof vaccine’ leave. It is difficult to cite a single reason for the low number of vaccinations in the middle of Part Dieu. Colonel Lionel Chabert, the firefighter, recalls that the lack of waiting time is a boon for people who want to get vaccinated this week.

Note that sometimes, some vaccination volunteers decide to back off. “We’ll go next time,” a teen sends to his mother, as she prepares to cross the entrance to the vaccination center. “Yesterday a woman completely changed her mind. She left because she was very scared,” said a security guard stationed at the entrance to the center.

the operation In any case. Held from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Level 2 of the Shopping Center until Saturday 7 August.


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