Selling authorized self-tests in the supermarket. Permission granted by order published in the Official Gazette This Tuesday, December 28th through January 31st At this moment. Supermarkets have been waiting for the green light for a while, some have even filled their stocks. On Wednesday morning, Leclerc’s store in Buxerolles put its first swabs up for sale.

Hard to miss, as soon as you enter the store, the information is presented: the sign indicates Self-tests are available in the store. Here is the sale when the store receives to ration customers: A box of 5 self-tests per household max.

Yoland leaves with her chest under her arm: “I’m so happy to have this today! First of all because it’s cheaper than drugstores and then you never know, if I’m not feeling well one day, I will!”

For Nadine, it is above all about protection between now and New Year’s Eve: “At the pharmacy, they don’t have anything anymore anyway. I’ve been looking for it for 15 days, there’s nothing left, so sometimes it’s really hard to find an appointment, here it is. ‘Wonderful!'”

To explain the legalization of sales, store manager, Xavier Bogoan, specifies that stocks do not exist but that the brand wants to protect all customers: “Like we did with masks in the beginning when there weren’t necessarily many masks!” Leclerc has already placed orders for Regular access by the end of January. Boxes of 5 self-tests are sold out €9.75 at cost Determines the manager.


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