Le train à hydrogène Coradia iLint d'Alstom circule pour la première fois en France

Alstom’s Coradia iLint train, the world’s first hydrogen-powered, made its first turns in France, on the Center d’Essais Ferroviaires tracks in Valenciennes (North) in the presence of Jean-Baptiste Djebari, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Environmental Transition, responsible for Transport, and Jean-Baptiste Emude, President of Alstom France.

Alstom teams are popularizing and presenting Coradia iLint to various local stakeholders including government decision makers, transport regulatory authorities, engineering companies and operators in order to highlight the potential of this train in France’s portfolio of sustainable transport solutions. This presentation is in line with the national ambition of the energy transition aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and noise in transport, a cause supported by the French state through the hydrogen plan that began in 2018. This presentation is also part of the Recovery Plan and Important Projects of European Concern The Joint Commission (PIIEC) launched by the European Union in 2020.

Alstom, the global leader in green and smart mobility, has been developing a range of zero-emission mobility solutions for several years and launched an ambitious program of innovations in batteries and hydrogen. Alstom mobilized in 2013 around the launch of a regional train equipped with hydrogen fuel cells. The first two iLint 100% H2 trains were put into commercial service in 2018 in Germany, so far 41 trains have been ordered by two German landing vehicles and successful trials have been conducted in Austria, the Netherlands, Sweden and now in France. In Italy, the FNM operator at the end of 2020 confirmed the order for 14 hydrogen-powered trains. This year, France also joined the circle of “founding countries” by order of SNCF to purchase 12 double Coradia Polyvalent trains (electric traction / catenary and hydrogen / fuel cells) on behalf of the regions. Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, Bourgogne-Franche Comté, Grand Est and Occitanie.

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“Today, Alstom aims to accelerate its hydrogen strategy and continue to offer and develop innovative greening solutions. We want to provide public authorities and operators with relevant technical and economic responses in the context of the phase-out of diesel. We therefore wish to contribute to French and European industrial leadership in this future technology,” This was stated by Jean-Baptiste Emude, President of Alstom France.

The Coradia iLint is the world’s first electric, hydrogen fuel cell passenger train. This “zero-emission” light train is as quiet as a monorail and emits only water vapor. Adapted to traffic on non-electrified lines, it is an ideal solution for fine service lines in the territory, a strategic transportation issue for the state and regions. Today the train is offered in German configuration; Modifications will be necessary to certify Coradia iLint to French standards. The approval process has been initiated and will be completed in line with the needs of the regulatory authorities.

France plays a crucial role in the development of hydrogen mobility solutions. The traction chain is designed and manufactured at Alstom’s global center of excellence for green traction, headquartered in Tarbes (Hautes-Pyrénées). The recent acquisition of Helion Hydrogen Power, based in Aix-en-Provence (Bouches-du-Rhone), which covers the entire high-energy fuel cell value chain, demonstrates Alstom’s commitment to creating a premium hydrogen electrode in France. This new group will be involved in the development of hydrogen solutions with a very high level of performance for heavy mobility, particularly rail.

A trial with the Coradia iLint train will be conducted on the French rail network in 2022 on the Tours-Loches line, a well-served line for the Center-Val de Loire region.

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