The team that makes up this Coudray (Mayenne) company is in a tiny house under construction in November 2021. (© Haut Anjou)

They offer small and mobile homes with all amenities.

installed Since summer 2021 In the Georgetterie Craft District to me Codray (Mayen), near Château-Gontier, Bercail’s workshop is a company that surfs the phenomenon of these portable tiny homes that’s a modern-day craze.

Neither a mobile home nor a camper van, the little house It is a concept of American origin. Literally translated means small house.

This small wooden structure, mounted on wheels, is a space adapted to the needs of the clients, with the requirements of comfort (thermal, environmental and aesthetic).

Built in three months

Its small interior volume poses a real challenge to craftsmanship, as every nook and cranny is thought out, to make this space functional.

“It takes three months of waiting, from preparation to production, to enjoy a tiny home. It provides the comfort of a real home”

Ferdinand Dewatinbuilder

The small team of this company consists of three people: Laura Raver, Architect, Adrien SoulierResponsible for design and design office, and Ferdinand Dewatin, builder.

They are organizing an open day Saturday January 29 2021 From 10 AM to 5 PM

My work: Bercail Workshop, Georgetterie’s craft district in Coudray. phone. 02 53 94 94 99 or 06 19 57 88 37.

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