“Israel commits the largest massacre in history”

Angelo Dorsey He takes the side of Gaza. Nicola Porro’s guest on Quarta Repubblica on Rete 4 in the November 13 episode, the historian of philosophy and journalist thunders: “We cannot continue talking about October 7 without talking about why. What is happening in Gaza is unacceptable to any party.” Point of view.”

Then he said angrily: “What Israel is doing in Gaza is… The biggest massacre Of recent history,” Dorsey concludes.

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Words that do not agree Paolo Meli And Alessandro Sallusti And who instead stand with Israel, which, after the October 7 attack and the massacres of unarmed civilians in kibbutzim, now has the right to defend itself as it wishes and to free people kidnapped by Hamas.

In particular, Milley makes an important observation about those who attack Israel as soldiers and civilians attempt to resist those who wish to erase the Jewish state from the maps. “When it is the Jews’ turn, the emotion is false and only lasts 40 seconds,” says the historian and former director of the institute. Corriere della Sera This also speaks to a certain hypocrisy of the left and the West in general. In fact, the “comrades” say in words that they are with Israel and then go out in demonstrations carrying Palestinian flags. Which says a lot…

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